Acheron System

13,000 years ago, humans first came to Acheron System through the Wyrmhole. Acheron is the 2nd planet orbiting the trinary stars of Abaddon, Gehenna, and Hades.

The system, from inner to outer, consists of:

Hades – Class M Red Giant Star.
Styx – Airless rock orbiting Hades. Scorched by the light and radiation of three suns and stretched by their mighty gravity, it is a place of huge volcanoes and never ending earthquakes. Swarming with demons.
Gehenna – Class G Star.
Abaddon – Class A Star.
Purgatory – Common name for the asteroid belt.
Acheron – Inhabitable planet that gives the system it’s name. Tidally locked with Hades so that one side continually faces the stars. Has two moons: Celadon and Iardanus.
Phlegethon – Ringed gas giant. Has several dozen small moons.
Lethe – Rocky world with a breathable atmosphere. Ships approaching the surface are never seen again.
Cocytus – Gas giant. Has several dozen small moons.
The Wyrmhole – a traversable wormhole that orbits at the edge of the system. Humans and the Albila came to Acheron System through this wormhole before demons from another dimension poured out. The Auric Wyrm, an alien being of staggering size, entered it, stopping all travel through it and closing off the system from the greater galaxy.


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