Walker Wingman

Earthman Astronaut from 1960's!


Race: Human Class: Ranger
str: 16 Dex: 18 Con: 16 Int: 11 Wis: 9 Cha: 12

HP: 30
AC: 18
PD: 18
MD: 11

Recovery dice: 1d8 +3
Recoveries: 8

One Unique Thing: This dude is from Earth! circa 1960! He loves (his) America & hates Commies.

1. Astronaut: 5 US Airforce Major: Guns, Military History/Culture, Pilot, Survival, Knives

2. Athelete: 3 College Level Football star: Jumping, Running, Throwing, Catching, First Aid, Public Speaking (Heisman Acceptance Speech)

Icon Relationships: Blast Tyrant -2 Auric Wyrm +1

Class Talents:
1. Archery/Dead-Eye: reroll a ranged miss, once/battle
2. Double Ranged: declare, lower damage dice to d6 if even # attack roll, attack again
3. Ranger’s Pet: Bobo the Monkey: Agile, Walker is +2 to dex checks, Scout – can scout around

Feats: Precise Shot, Archery – add +2 to attack with Archery Reroll, increase crit threat +1

Melee attack:
+ 5 vs AC str or dex +level
Damage: 1d4 +3 wrench
Miss: level # damage

Ranged Attack:
+ 5 vs AC dex+level
Damage: 1d8 +4 single 1d6 +4 double
Miss: level # damage

Equipment: Torn up Space Suite, wrench, Colt .45, pack of smokes and a lighter


While on the unrevealed Apollo 10 Mission, testing a new hpyerdrive technology, 1960’s American Icon Walker Wingman, and his crew, including his trusted Astro-Monkey Bobo, was sucked in to what they thought was a wormhole. Turns out it was the hole of a wyrm indeed. Swept up in the maw of the Great Auric Wyrm, their ship passed through the bowels of the great beast. Narrowly avoiding the Wake of the Swollen Goat, they crash landed on a strange, sun drenched planet. Only Walker and Bobo survived!

Can the heroic Walker Wingman withstand the horrors of the brutal world of Acheron? Armed only with his Colt.45 and trusty companion Bobo, Walker will brave this new adventure as only a man, pure of heart, can do. Will he retain his humanity, or succumb to the savagery that surrounds him?

Walker believes it is his duty to protect the Auric Wyrm, so the denizens of Acheron do not ever have the potential to cross over to the Milky Way & invade the Earth.

Walker Wingman

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