Braxus of Clan Khona

Stegoman Barbarian


STR: 18
CON: 20
DEX: 12
INT: 11
WIS: 14
CHA: 11

HP: 33
AC: 15
PD: 16
MD: 12

Recovery Dice: 1d12+4
Recoveries: 8

Backgrounds: Legionnaire Conscript +4, Clan Khona Champion +4
Icon Relationships: Storm Witch (conflicted) 2; Emperor (negative) 1.

Racial Power: 1/combat as a quick action Tail Whip: 4 vs. AC, 1d104 damage.

Class Features: Barbarian Rage

Class Talents:

1. Strongheart: Recovery dice is a d12
2. Whirlwind: Must be performed on first attack, -4 to AC and PD until end of the round.
3. Building Frenzy: 1/day increase damage +1d4 for every miss up to +4d4

Adventurer Feats:

1. Whirlwind Attack: Misses now deal miss damage.

Melee Attack:
Attack: 5
Damage: Greatclub 1d10
Miss: Level Damage

Ranged Attack:
Attack: 2
Damage: Javelin (3) 1d6
Miss: N/A


Javelins (3)
Klan Khona Talisman (no special powers it just looks friggin’ cool)
Standard adventuring equipment


Throughout the Empire adventurers who insist on marching into the wilderness to seek fortune and glory are given a stern warning. The old timers who live on the edge of civilization say if you manage to see a Stegoman in the wilderness it is too late for you are already dead. No Stegoman clan combines this example of natural harmonay and brutality more than Clan Khona. Clan clutchlings are raised through the teachings of the Chain Breaker to protect the Clan from all outsiders who would dare to encroach on their ancestral territory. Before they are considered a full member of the Clan, and therefore gain warrior status, each clutchling must pass the Clan’s brutal and competitive rite of passage

Braxus not only succeeded in completing his rite of passage he was first among his clutch and by tradition was named champion of Clan Khona. Braxus marched with the rest of his clan, and a few other Clans, to war against the Empire. Defeated by the Empire after a pitched battle, the Clans were spared destruction only by agreeing to send their best warriors to serve in the Legions as tribute. It was at that point Braxus began his service as a conscript for the Legion. Braxus eventually escaped after suffering the degradations of his Imperial superiors. Eventually, Braxus rejoined his Clan.

One Unique Thing:

The Storm Witch revealed herself to Braxus and informed him that he is the reincarnation of “The Chain Breaker”, the legendary Stegoman who freed the Stegomen from slavery Ages ago. The Storm Witch then prophesised Braxus will unite the Clans and defeat the Empire but refuses to offer any further details.

Braxus of Clan Khona

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