The Stormwitch

StormwitchSummoning spirits of dread
Before an altar of sacred fire
She sings the hymns of the dead
Glorifying her holy sire

The Sword-Eyes of the Stormwitch

The Stormwitch is a newly arisen Icon never before seen on Acheron. Nature is seen as something to be struggled against and overcome on Acheron. But the Stormwitch seeks to live in harmony with this harsh land. And she demands everyone else do the same. To that end, she seeks to unite the human, stegoman, raptoid, and mantite barbarians of the wastes and plains and march them against the Empire, the Albila, and anyone else in her way. When she is done, no trace of civilization will remain and all surviving will need to learn to live in harmony with Acheron.

Usual Location
Anywhere in the wastes or plains.

Among the other Icons, only the Night Lord has similar goals. But can the Stormwitch convince the tribes of the plains to work with their ancient enemies, the tribes of night?

The Emperor and the Queen of the Moon want the Stormwitch dead. She threatens their tenuous grasp on maintaining civilization.

The Stormwitch

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