The Hidden Masters

Hidden mastersForgotten ages are unknown to man
Before we crawled out from our caves
Exalted patrons of earthly clans
Elevation of their slaves
Your gilded houses will give no shelter
When the heavens fall
Your sacred tomes will give no answers
When the masters call

The Sword-The Hidden Masters

Millions of years ago an ancient alien civilization thrived on Acheron. Human and albila archaeologists, not to mention tomb raiders, have found the ruins of their ancient cities buried underground, often seemingly intact with working machinery of unknown purpose. Scientists have dubbed these aliens the Hyperzepharians. Contact with Hyperzepharian technology is believed to occasionally drive those who come in contact with it insane. They babble about “the Hidden Masters,” and claim to hear their thoughts and wishes. Cults worshiping these ancient aliens are becoming more common with the insane “contactees” as their prophets.

Usual Location
Buried in their tombs, deep in the cities beneath Acheron.

Only their cultists and the insane.

Civilized people don’t take these things seriously.

The Hidden Masters

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