The Blast Tyrant

Blast tyrant2Can you hear the fife and drums, barnacles barking at the sun.
Ain’t no chance, so don’t you try, now everybody got to die.

Clutch-(In the Wake of) The Swollen Goat

No one remembers if the Blast Tyrant used to be a human, albila, or something else. The Blast Tyrant probably doesn’t remember either. He (it?) was one of the first followers of the demonic hordes when they started pouring out of the wormhole in the 1st Age (before the Auric Wyrm made it the Wyrmhole). Now he seeks to find a way to rid the system of the Auric Wyrm or barring that, transport hordes of demons from Styx to Acheron to destroy the humans and albila.

Usual Location
Aboard his ship The Swollen Goat.

The Night Lord may be willing to deal with demons to achieve his goals.

The Auric Wyrm prevents more demons from entering the system. The Navigatrix is the only one to ever say “no” to the Blast Tyrant and survive. The Empress and Queen of the Moon will do anything to prevent the demons from returning.

The Blast Tyrant

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