La Curandera

La curenderaDid you not grant quarter to the daemon, giving treatment to its wounds?
And would you not consider it unnatural to be born outside the womb?
We eagerly await your response and your best defense.
La curandera is the young girl
In a linen dress of white.
She dances on black sand in the night
In her linen dress of white.

Clutch-(Notes from the Trial of)La Curandera

La Curandera is, like the Stormwitch, a new Icon. No one on Acheron has spoken of the gods for millenia. The wretched state of the world convinced most that the gods, if they existed, had abandoned them long ago. But this girl seems convinced her healing powers come not from her will, as it does for Mystics, but from the gods. And she claims to be able to perform miracles well beyond anything a Mystic can. Her followers grow whenever she visits a new village.

Usual Location
Anywhere on the light side. But she avoids the largest city-states as the Empire wants to question her about the nature of her powers.



La Curandera

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