Pyrus Hellborn

Cambion Paladin, Space Justice Demonified


STR: 17
CON: 14
DEX: 13
INT: 11
WIS: 13
CHA: 16

HP: 30
AC: 18
PD: 13
MD: 14

Recovery Dice: 1d10+2
Recoveries: 8

Backgrounds: Soldier 4, Space Scout 4
Icon Relationships: Navigatrix (positive) 2; Blast Tyrant (negative) 1.

Racial Power: Curse of Chaos- Create critical miss on enemy 1-5

Class Features: Smite Evil

Class Talents:

1. Way of Evil Bastards- does not expend Smite when non-mook is dropped
2. Implacable- Roll Saves at Start of Turn
3. Fearless-

Adventurer Feats:

1. +4 Smite Evil

Melee Attack:
Attack: 4
Damage: Greatsword 1d10+3
Miss: Level Damage

Ranged Attack:
Charge forward and kill


Heavy Armor
Standard adventuring equipment


Pyrus Hellborn was once a low-ranking member of the household guard of the High Sovereign of Pluthos. Falsely inflated by vanity and pride, Pyrus quickly grew resentful of his typical duties- serving as a personal guard/escort to the Sovereign’s youngest daughter,Caldera. He soon tired of the girl’s incessant demands, petulant attitude, and having to cover for her often promiscuous behavior. Even worse was the temptation that she regularly taunted him with, knowing that he couldn’t respond, and turning it into a frequent game of torment for her own amusement.

Tief caldera

As his frustrations grew, his dedication to his duty waned, and his oath as a Guardian of Pluthos was gradually forgotten. While he once stood silent guard and never left her immediate vicinity during her many illicit encounters, Pyrus began to leave Caldera unattended more and more during her trysts. He began to pass his waiting time with drink and other indulgences. When one meeting with one of Caldera’s ‘acquaintances’ went unusually long, Pyrus recalled his duties long enough to go and investigate. Upon entering the room, he quickly sobered- the High Sovereign’s daughter had been slain on his watch, and the killer had long since escaped. Unable to recall the identity of who Caldera had met with, and fearing for his life, Pyrus fled Pluthos, the only home he had ever known, forever.

Pyrus wandered Acheron, going through a downward spiral of shame, regret, and despair, until a chance encounter with the Navigatrix gave him new purpose. Today, still wanted by the authorities in Pluthos, he survives life on Acheron as a soldier of fortune. If you has a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire… Pyrus Hellborn. Through this, he hopes to reclaim his former honor, and perhaps a part of his former self. In turn, Pyrus is not just seeking Caldera’s killer… he’s seeking redemption.

Pyrus Hellborn

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