Algo-Ha Cambiado

Ex-Spleen Merchant


str: 18 Con: 15 Dex: 16 Int: 12 Wis: 14 Cha: 9

HP: 27
AC: 17
PD: 15
MD: 12

Recovery dice: 1d8 +3
Recoveries: 8

Backgrounds: Spleen Merchant-5, Disciple of La Curandera-3
Icon Relationships: Blast Tyrant (negative) 2, La Curandera (conflicted) 1
One Unique Thing: The only person to leave the Spleen Merchants and talk about it.
Class Talents:
1. Two-Weapon Mastery: +1 hit when using two one handed weapons
2. Double Melee Attack: lower damage dice to d6 if attack roll is even make second attack
3. Ranger ex Cathedral: Daily or recharge cleric spell level or lower

Feats: Ranger ex Cathedral: Use cleric Heal feature 1/day

Melee attack: (str+lvl)
5 (6) vs AC
Damage: 1d8
4 (1d6+4) warpick and warhammer
Miss: lvl dmg

Ranged Attack: (dex+lvl)
+ 4 vs AC
Damage: 1d8
Miss: lvl dmg

Equipment: Warpick, Warhammer, standard adventuring crap


Seeking adventure and riches left his homelands and was drawn to the Blast Tyrant and his Swollen Goat thinking they would provide him with everything he sought. Learning to survive quickly Algo-Ha was sent to the Spleen Merchants, a particularly ruthless band of raiders, as a scout and tracker.

Growing tired of his only adventures consisting of blood and death he made a daring and brutal escape. Severely wounded and on the brink of death outside a small village Algo-Ha was found by a priestess of La Curandera who healed his wounds and taught him the ways of La Curandera, to heal instead of violence.

Now hunted by the Spleen Merchants Algo-Ha seeks his own way in the world trying his best to not fall back into his past villainous ways.

Algo-Ha Cambiado

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