Welcome to Acheron

We open with three beings in a cage on a cart. Algo-Ha Cambiado, Braxus of Clan Khona, and Pyrus Hellborn. They were being taken to the Twilight City, Crespus, to be sold as slaves. Suddenly, a meteor falls from the sky. The slavers watched this with interest as a metal capsule detached from the meteor and drifted to the ground on a silken parachute, landing behind a nearby hill. Deciding there might be profit in whatever the strange object was, they investigated. They were greeted by the sight of Walker Wingman, earthman, standing outside a small white capsule with his monkey Bobo. Walker was holding a glowing golden orb about the size of a softball.

The slavers tried to communicate with Walker, telling him to drop what he was holding. Unable to understand them, and misunderstanding what the orb was, Walker threw it at them, thinking it might be a grenade. It was not. The slavers hefted their clubs and moved to subdue him. Just then, two huge insects erupted from the ground! One knocked the cage over, breaking it and freeing the slaves. Quickly grabbing their weapons that conveniently spilled on the ground as well, they attacked the slavers and insects. It was a ferocious battle, but they were victorious, slaying the slavers and one of the insects, the other fleeing down its tunnel.

With the melee over but still unable to understand what anyone was saying, Walker pointed his .45 at the others and retrieved the orb. Then the orb glowed and Walker felt a sharp pain in his head and could then understand what the others were saying. Realizing they weren’t going to hurt him, Walker decided to join them as they were going to continue out of the wilds and to Crespus.

When they first rested they heard the howls of a gorgonopsid pack behind them. Finding some high ground to snipe the beasts as they tracked them, the party got the drop on them and killed or wounded several before they closed in. They then handily dispatched the rest. And so ended Walker Wingman’s first day on Acheron.


Hexxenhammer Hexxenhammer

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